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Union Technology Corp. (UTC) is a global provider for the manufacture of multilayer ceramic capacitors for use in: defense, telecommunications, industrial and various high reliability applications. Our goal is to continue to provide product on a long term basis to our customers. Will will endeavor to provide Product Change Notices (PCN), Product Discontinuance Notices (PDN) and offer Last Buy Opportunities (LBO) notices to our ongoing customers should any of these changes be made.



UTC's products include:

Product offering:

• Surface mount (SMT) multi-layer ceramic chips capacitors in both custom, and EIA standard sizes.

• High frequency Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) capacitors in accordance with MIL PRF 49470 and DSCC  87106, 88011 drawings and customer source controlled drawings (SCDs).

• SMT High Voltage MLCC

• Radial Leaded High Voltage Capacitors

• SMT Large Body Size MLCC

• Planar Arrays & Discoidal Capacitors

• High voltage radial to DSCC drawings and commercial parts

• EMI / RFI filters





UTC integrates quality throughout its supply chain system by building quality into our products and manufacturing process. Supplier control systems ensure the highest quality materials and service to our customers. Our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001:2008 certified and MIL-STD-790 approved.

UTC is equipped for performing testing in accordance with MIL-PRF-39014, MIL-PRF-20, and MIL-PRF-55681 as required by some customers. Our quality assurance system and procedures are based on the requirements of MIL-I-45208 and MIL-Std-790, with the calibration program in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1.







Established in 1991, UTC is a Corporation headquartered in Monterey Park, California. Within this 30,000 square foot facility, UTC houses its technology center, manufacturing operations along with the sales and customer support staff. UTC also maintains a fully staffed, highly qualified engineering department to support customer applications, product requirements, and new product development.

UTC’s global network of sales representatives and distributors are prepared to assist you with designing our products to meet your application requirements.







UTC is fully committed to helping the cause of achieving and maintaining a clean environment.

The commercial ceramic chip offering is designed and produced to be lead-free and fully RoHS compliant.


RoHS and Lead-Free Symbols

Corporate Information:


Founded in 1991, Union Technology Corp. (UTC) is a privately held company engaged in the manufacture of multilayer ceramic (MLC) capacitors and capacitor assemblies.


UTC's 30,000 square foot facility is located in Monterey Park, California, near Los Angeles, employs 50 people, including a fully staffed, highly-qualified engineering department and production staff to support customer applications, product design, and new product development. UTC employs advanced manufacturing systems which allow the construction of highly reliable, price competitive ceramic capacitors.

UTC is equipped to perform groups A and B inspections in accordance with MIL-PRF-49470, MIL-PRF-39014, MIL-PRF-20 and MIL-PRF-55681. Environmental testing such as moisture resistance testing are done in house, while physical characteristics tests like Shock (specified pulse) and Vibration (high frequency) are performed at an outside MIL-STD-790 approved test facility.

The quality assurance system and procedures are based upon the requirements of MIL-I-45208 and MIL-STD-790, with the calibration program in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. UTC has achieved ISO 9001:2008 qualification.

UTC's unique SMPS filter capacitors MLC chip inventory program allows 4-6 week delivery for many MIL PRF 49470 parts, as well as DSCC drawings 87106 and 88011.

Corporate Management:


David Chu   Gary Koniow
President/CEO   Q.A. Manager
(323) 266-6603   (323) 266-6603


Robert Boughrum    
Vice President Sales & Marketing    
(323) 266-6603    
Dr. Raj Amin   Benja Choonhauri
Technical Director   Customer Service Manager
(323) 266-6603   (323) 266-6603




2009 UTC files for initial certification for the MIL-PRF-49470 "T" level qualifications
New product release of UTC "Compact Stacks" designed for commercial applications and built to meet RoHS compliance
2008 UTC release new Safety Certified MLCC chips (X1/Y2 & X2/Y3)
UTC wins Federal Government $1,500,000 contract for Hi-Rel custom ceramics
2007 UTC releases Radial High Voltage devices, built to be RoHS complaint for use in commercial and industrial applications
Federal Government awards UTC $3,900,000 multi year contract
U.S. Small Business Administration certifies UTC as a Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) under 8A. 
Military Capacitor approval for MIL-PRF-49470 granted by the Defense Supply Center Columbus for Switch Mode Power Supply capacitors in case sizes 3, 4 and 5 with 50, 100 and 500 VDC ratings
Application filed with the Small Business Administration to certify as a Small Disadvantage Business under section 8A.
DSCC approval of UTC's quality system to MIL-STD-790 and certification to ISO 9001:2000. UTC adds representation in China, Germany and Italy.
EMI / RFI filters introduced meeting the requirements Mil-F-15733 and Mil-F-28861 specifications. U.K.representation added.
Future Electronics enhances UTC distribution network by becoming an authorized distributor on a world wide basis.
JACO appointed as an authorized distributor for North America. Representation expanded in the U.S. and Canada organizations.
Monterey Park facility gains ISO 9002: 1994 certification.
High volume production begins for standard MLC chips. 
Sales network of representatives expanded into the Asian Pacific market, including Japan and Singapore.
Union Technology Corporation web site established, offering information on current products, new products, as well as  sales and support contacts.
Additional EIA body sizes are added to expand product offering.
High Voltage epoxy dipped radial MLC products added to DSCC and commerical specifications.
Switch mode power supply capacitors meeting DSCC 87106 and 88011 introduced.
UTC begins production of MLCCs after its purchase of San Fernando Electric's (SFE) reliable "wet manufacturing process." Production of discoidals and planar capacitor arrays starts. 
Union Technology Corp. incorporated as a California company.